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Programme features

50 Years of Molecular Life Sciences with FEBS Letters - Final Programme
Thursday, 24 May            
9:00  Welcome address  - Laszlo Fesus and Felix Wieland
Session 1: Autophagy  Chair: Ivan Dikic
9:15    Noboru Mizushima - The exponential growth of autophagy research from yeast to mammals
Session 2: Cell Signaling  Chair: Thomas Holstein
10:00  Yosef Yarden - Feedback regulation of signal transduction and relevance to cancer therapy
10:30  Coffee break
10:50   Joan Massagué - TGF-β signalling in development, immunity and cancer
11:20   Shuh Narumiya - Rho-mediated actin remodeling: from cultured cells to whole organisms
Session 3: Plant Biology    Chair: Jan Lohmann
11:50   Alexander Ruban - Dynamic membrane landscapes of light harvesting complex II
13:00   Lunch break
Session 4: Women in Science  Chair: Felix Wieland
14:00   Laura Norton - Working towards gender equality in science
Session 5: Microbiology    Chair: Peer Bork
14:45   Annalisa Pastore -  Towards understanding iron sulfur cluster biogenesis
15:15   Rob Knight  - The dynamic human microbiome
15:45   Renee Tsolis - Sensing of infection-induced endoplasmic reticulum stress by NOD1/NOD2
16:15   Coffee break
16:35   Theresia Stradal - Cytoskeletal remodeling during infection: A tale of Salmonella et al.
Session 6: Cell adhesion  Chair: Irmi Sinning
17:05   Gerhard Dahl - Multiple façades of the ATP release channel Panx1
Friday, 25 May
Session 1:  Gene Manipulation and Stem Cells  Chair: Anthony Ho
9:00    Catherine Robin - Generation and regulation of hematopoietic stem cells during embryonic development
9:30    Masaru Okabe - Production of the first “green mice” and serendipitous findings obtained from gene-manipulated animals
10:00   Michael Rudnicki - Molecular regulation of muscle stem cell function
10:30   Coffee break
Session 2: Metabolism   Chair: Michael Boutros
10:50   Barry Halliwell - Adventures with ergothioneine
11: 20  Johan Auwerx - Mitochondria, aging and age-related diseases
11:50   Hans Westerhoff - Irreproducibility, heterogeneity, multifactorial disease and drug resitance: biochemistry does throw dice
12:20   Lunch break
Session 3: Membrane Dynamics    Chair: Doris Höglinger
13:30   Maya Schuldiner - You take the high road and I take the low road - the many ways to target proteins to the secretory pathway
14:00   Antonella De Matteis - The phosphoinositides and the Golgi complex
Session 4: Structural Biology   Chair: Irmi Sinning
14:30   Roland Beckmann - Visualizing early states of eukaryotic ribosome biogenesis
15:00   David Stuart - The structure of Ebola virus receptor, Ebola virus glycoprotein and potential therapies
15:30   Manajit Hayer-Hartl - Biogenesis of Rubisco, the most abundant protein in nature
16:00   Coffee break
Session 5: Neuroscience  Chair: Ulrike Müller
16:15   Michel Goedert - Synucleinopathies and Tauopathies
16:45   Gregory Petsko - Studies in a model Organism to a New Gene Therapy for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
17:15   James Rothman - Recent studies of the mechanism of Neurotransmitter release

18:00      FEBS Letters 50th Anniversary Party

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